General Counsel

Many large businesses have full-time attorneys and general counsel on their staff; some even have an entire legal department.  Smaller businesses do not have that luxury, but still have the same need for legal advice and counsel for everything from day-to-day issues to handling or supervising litigation.  For smaller and mid-size businesses, The Andresen Firm offers General Counsel services on an as-needed basis.

One of the key advantages our General Counsel service offers is fixed costs.  We not only offer our General Counsel clients competitive rates but the opportunity to lock those rates in with the Andresen Firm for as long as you we represent your business.  While most other firms raise their costs and rates by as much as 7% to 10% every year, clients in the Andresen Firm’s General Counsel program can secure their rates, making certain that the rates for their legal needs never rise.  This means that no matter the amount of work your business requires, or how long our relationship lasts, you will continue to pay the same rate throughout the duration of your relationship with our firm.  Over a period of just a few years this program can save your business thousands of dollars in legal costs.

And, as always, we never charge for an initial consultation, no matter the legal matter at hand.  The Andresen Firm can assure that your business will receive the maximum amount of attention for all of your current and future business and employment needs.

The Andresen Firm is a full service law firm, offering a variety of services for your day-to-day business legal needs.  Our attorneys and staff are highly skilled in all aspects of the legal system, including, but not limited to, contracts and negotiations, employee relations and discipline, Texas Work Force appeals, wage/overtime issues and mediation, arbitration, risk management and lawsuit prevention, debt collection, and all business employment needs.