Employment Litigation & Labor Law

Lawyers You Can Count on To Protect Your Business
At the Houston-based Andresen Firm, PLLC, we know how important your business is to you and we will effectively handle your employment and labor disputes. These kinds of disputes are costly and confusing but we have the knowledge and skills to efficiently resolve employment and labor disputes as simply as possible. The lawyers of our Houston office have years of experience in employment and labor litigation in the Houston area and will work tirelessly to protect you and your business. We will effectively administer your legal disputes in all areas of labor and employment law in the Houston and Harris County area, including:

Drafting and Enforcing Employment Contracts & Agreements
Operating your own business is exciting, challenging and rewarding and it is important to protect your time, industry and capital.  Whether in the form of confidentiality agreements or reasonable covenants not to compete, employment agreements can help protect your company in the future. These agreements can safeguard your customers and the techniques your company has spent a great deal of time and money developing. The Houston office of The Andresen Firm, PLLC will create and specially tailor valid and enforceable agreements that can help prevent future employment and labor disputes. And while most employees do not violate these agreements, sometimes, unscrupulous people will put your company at risk. When an employee wrongfully breaches an employment agreement, your company is in danger of being severely damaged and may lose valuable information and customers to competitors. The Andresen Firm, PLLC, in Houston, will efficiently handle disputes about employment agreements and protect your company’s hard work from falling into the hands of people and companies that did not work to develop what you did.

Protecting Your Business From Frivolous Claims by Employees
Unfortunately, there may come a time when your company is wrongfully accused of acting unjustly towards an employee.  These suits can be extremely harmful to your business and damage its reputation.  Based in Houston, Texas, The Andresen Firm, PLLC will work hard to defend your company against frivolous state and federal claims including alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act violations, Family Medical Leave Act violations, discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, or any other groundless allegations against you. Our team will also handle baseless claims for unemployment benefits, compensation for on-the-job injuries and disputes with subcontractors.  We will listen to your side of the story and make sure the rights of your company are protected.  If an employee threatens to sue or does sue your company, it’s very important to contact a Houston employment and labor lawyer as soon as possible so that your business is not harmed.

Lawyers Who Will Fight For the Rights of the Employee
On the other hand, there are some employers that do not do the right thing and chose not to follow the law. Our Houston lawyers understand how crucial your livelihood is to you and your family and how important it is to protect that. While in a perfect world, every employer would obey the laws regulating the employer-employee relationship; this is not always the case. The lawyers of The Andresen Firm, PLLC in Houston have a great deal of experience in employment and labor litigation and can make sure your voice is heard in a complicated legal system. We will stand up for you and your rights in all valid employment and labor disputes in Houston and the Harris County area, including:

Hopefully, you will never experience discrimination in the workplace but if you have been discriminated against on the basis of your age, gender, race, national origin, disability or any other reason, the Houston office of The Andresen Firm, PLLC can handle your legitimate claims. Our employment lawyers have experience in claims to administrative bodies such as the TWC and the EEOC and discrimination litigation in the Houston area. The law sets many strict deadlines so in order to ensure you are protected to the fullest extent of the law, it is important to contact a Houston employment and labor lawyer as soon as possible.
Other Illegal Actions by an Employer
Sometimes employers do not follow the federal and state fair employment laws. In those cases, the Houston-based Andresen Firm, PLLC can handle your employment or labor dispute with your employer. We have the knowledge and experience to help you in overtime (Fair Labor Standards Act) claims, wage disputes, Family Medical Leave Act claims, retaliation claims, sexual harassment claims, hostile work environment claims, wrongful termination claims, unemployment benefits claims, on-the-job injuries and other legitimate disputes you have with an employer who acted illegally. Our entire Houston team will work hard to ensure your rights and your livelihood are protected.

Protecting You From Unfair Employment Agreements
Unfortunately, some employers will try to take unfair advantage of an employee by forcing them to sign unreasonable or illegal employment contracts or agreements. If your employer wants you to sign an employment contract or agreement, you have the right to have that agreement reviewed by a Houston employment and labor lawyer of your choosing. The Houston Andresen Firm, PLLC can help make sure any employment contract or agreement you sign is reasonable and lawful. Additionally, if your employer has sued you in order to enforce an employment contract or agreement, The Andresen Firm, PLLC of Houston can defend you against an unfair agreement.