Civil Litigation and Appeals

Generally, civil litigation refers to any lawsuit that doesn’t involve divorce, bankruptcy or criminal matters.  Civil appeals occur when one of the parties of a lawsuit asks a higher court to consider the outcome of a trial or a ruling by a judge.  Civil litigation and appeals are made up of many different kinds cases and include everything from a medical malpractice suit to an appeal of a trial court’s ruling to the Texas Supreme Court.  Prosecuting and defending civil litigation and appeals make up a lot of what we do at the Andresen Firm.  Some of the areas we practice in are:

Personal Injury Law
Personal injury law is a very diverse area of law that includes products liability, medical malpractice, premises liability, catastrophic injury, wrongful death and car accidents.  Personal injury cases may involve such events as the death of a loved-one in an eighteen-wheeler accident, a broken leg caused by slipping on spilled dishwasher soap in a grocery store, someone being given the wrong medication in a hospital, or being hit by a driver on a cell phone.  In many of these cases, you will be faced with extremely expensive medical bills or you may be unable to work for a long time, putting you in a situation in which legal action against those responsible for your injuries is necessary.  If you were harmed because of someone else’s actual negligence or malice, you may be able to recover medical bills and lost wages from the person responsible for your injuries.  On the other hand, you may be facing a frivolous lawsuit and need experienced trial lawyers to defend you.  Our lawyers have successfully prosecuted and defended many personal injury cases ranging from nationwide prescription drug litigation to wrongful death to assault.

Consumer Law
While in a perfect world everything you purchase will work exactly as it is supposed to, that is not always the case.  The used car you just bought might turn out to have been in a catastrophic accident that damaged the entire vehicle, or perhaps the person you bought your home from forgot to mention that it was infested with termites.  In Texas, there are laws like the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) and the Lemon Law that help protect consumers from dishonest sellers. These laws make it illegal for the seller of a good or service to misrepresent to you its quality or fail to disclose its problems, among other things.  The lawyers and staff of the Andresen Firm represent all kinds of consumers when someone tries to take advantage of them.  If, for example, a mechanic told you your car needed a new transmission when all it needed was a new air filter or if a realtor told you that the home you purchased had new plumbing when it did not, then the law and the right legal team can keep them from getting away with their deception.

Insurance Law
Insurance is an unavoidable and necessary part of life. But while many insurance companies claim to help their customers, in reality, they often stand in the way of their customers, and refuse to deal with them fairly.  Sometimes payments will be delayed well past their statutory deadlines or they may refuse to pay for a contractor they previously approved.  Insurance companies also sometimes force you to resubmit paperwork again and again in an attempt to wear you down.  Fortunately, there are legal remedies available that can help insurance customers in these and many other situations.  This is particularly important today in the wake of Hurricane Ike, where many insurance companies still have not paid claims for damage more than a year later.  The Andresen Firm’s litigation team has successfully represented many clients in their battles with insurance companies.  Whether you are fighting over Hurricane Ike damage, damage from a car accident or medical bills, legal action may be necessary to protect your rights.

Civil appeals can be a complicated and confusing process but are an extremely important part of the legal system.  Sometimes a trial judge will make the wrong decision and an appeal to a higher court is necessary.  Other times a judge will make the right decision, but you may have to defend an appeal made by the other side.  No matter what the reason, when you are facing an appeal, you need to have appellate lawyers that know the ins and outs of a complex legal system.  The Andresen Firm has handled numerous appeals throughout the state of Texas.  Even if we did not handle your original proceeding, we still may be able to handle your appeal to a higher court.

Other Civil Practice Areas
Because civil law is such a broad area, these are just a few of the many different kinds of unique cases we are equipped to handle.  We have prosecuted election contests, foreclosures, tax disputes, Freedom of Information Act violations, civil rights cases and other civil cases.  If your particular legal need is not listed here, we still may be able to assist you with your legal questions or concerns, or may know someone who can.