Business Litigation

At some point in time every business is faced with the possibility of going to court.  Whether it’s because another person or company has failed to honor a contract, or because someone has filed or threatened to file a lawsuit against you.  When that happens it is vital to have the right business litigation lawyers on your side.  The Houston-based Andresen Firm, PLLC is the legal team you want.  Call us today at 713-335-0155 and see what we can do for you.

Contract Lawsuits
Usually the most important business transactions are done with some type of contract or agreement.  Whether it is a signed business memorandum, a binding letter of intent, or a formally executed business contract or agreement, some type of contract, agreement or written exchange of understanding is usually at play.  Unfortunately, many times other people do not do what the contract says they must.  If your business is facing the situation where the other party to a contract is not doing what they agreed, you will need to consider all of your options including litigation.  The Andresen Firm successfully prosecutes and defends all types of business litigation; whether it’s a breach of contract case, a failure to make payment, a lease dispute, or deceptive trade practices allegations, the lawyers and staff at The Andresen Firm will help you make the right decisions for your business, and – if necessary – aggressively prosecute or defend any lawsuit, arbitration, or litigation that you or your business faces.

Sometimes in the course of making business deals a party or company will paint a picture that they have capabilities or abilities that they do not have.  If it is intentional, the law may call it fraud; if it is accidental or reckless the law may call it a misrepresentation.  Business fraud and misrepresentation can cost a person or business time and can even affect their ability to continue operating.  For example, a contractor may promise to have a construction project done weeks sooner than they actually can; a manufacturer may overstate their production abilities in order to win your business, but you don’t find out until they are months late on delivery.  The resulting loss that your business experiences could prevent you from hiring new employees, renovating office equipment, and could even result in reductions in force and considering closing your business’s doors.  The lawyers at The Andresen Firm, PLLC understand that timing is often vital to an efficient resolution of allegations of business fraud or misrepresentation.  This is why we act as rapidly as possible to resolve our clients’ business litigation claims in their favor so that they can continue operating with minimal business interruption.

Commercial Collections
What Does Your Business Do If It Is Owed Money?
It would be nice if all the people and businesses you provided services and products to paid you on time for your work, but even with the best-run businesses there are still going to be 5%-10% that do not.  When this happens your business cannot function efficiently or correctly.  In order to protect your business operations you need to have somewhere to turn to when your invoices go unpaid.  The lawyers at The Andresen Firm understand that it is important to be tactful yet firm when dealing with these situations, after all, you do business with these people; they are just late in paying you.  That is why the first thing we do is explain and explore all the options available to your business and then provide advice on how to resolve these situations without the need for litigation.  Like any other business litigation matter, we will work with you to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible to make sure you receive what is due.

What Do You Do If Someone Says Your Business Owes Them Money?
Sometimes the opposite happens.  Sometimes, another business or person may accuse you of failing to make a payment to a supplier.  What do you do if it is just a simple misunderstanding or they did not keep current records?  What happens if they have already filed a lawsuit?  The right business litigation advice can make the difference between staying in business and closing operations.  The lawyers at the Houston-based Andresen Firm have a track record of successful representation in commercial/business collection litigation.  Our firm provides commercial/business collections representation for a variety of areas and can help your business prevent a simple payment error from turning into an expensive litigation battle.

Real Estate Disputes
So, you are about to sign on the dotted line for a new business lease.  Have you properly reviewed the lease beforehand?  Do you know whether the rate you thought you agreed upon includes utilities, CAM, taxes, and operations?  Have you properly negotiated the business lease?  What if your business is under a lease the landlord still has not repaired damage from last year’s storm?  What if you are a landlord and one of your tenants has not paid rent/ops?  Business leases are usually extraordinarily detailed and very specifically state which party is supposed to do what.  When the other party has not done what they are supposed to do your business can easily wind up in an unfair position.  When this happens, litigation is often one of the options that a business considers.  If you or your business is having difficulty enforcing a commercial lease – or if someone is improperly trying to enforce one against you – you need effective representation.  The lawyers and staff at The Andresen Firm have successfully handled numerous types of business lease disputes.  When your business experiences a problem with a lease, The Andresen Firm is the litigation team to call on.  We will provide advice and attempt to work the matter out without resorting to litigation, but if that is not possible, we will take aggressively your case to trial, arbitration, mediation, and if necessary, appeal.